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The Pope said smartphones and computers offer ‘useful help’, but should not ‘become an obstacle’

A spokesman for prosecutors in Lodz said that ‘small amounts of explosives, not sufficient to make an explosion’ were found on the man

The letter shows the real division is not pro- and anti-Francis, or rigorism versus mercy, but over Church teaching

The letter asks the cardinals to request a clarification from the Pope that some interpretations of Amoris Laetitia are heretical

Opposition leader Ernesto Samper will ask Pope Francis to send a representative to the country

World Youth Day celebrations begin in Poland on Wednesday

Francis asked the faithful in St Peter’s Square to pray that ‘the Lord might inspire in everyone intentions of goodness and fraternity’

The Pope last presided over a wedding two years ago

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You might think that progressives would be rejoicing under the current pontificate. Instead, they are fretting about the future