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Following North Korea’s fifth nuclear test, the Vatican fears for stability in the region

The Pope decried the assault on Syria at his general audience after another night of heavy bombing in Aleppo

The vehicles were used to transport the Pontiff during his visit to Poland in July

The Israeli Foreign Ministry had announced the Pope was expected to attend Friday’s funeral in Israel

Going against protocol, the Pope waited in his library for President Joseph Kabila

Francis urged the families to resist the temptation to ‘respond to hatred with hatred and to violence with violence’

Francis said he supported the protest ‘in favour of family and life’

Medical experts will no longer be paid in cash and a two-thirds majority will be required to approve miracles

In a homily the Pope said people who seem perfect may actually be suffering from ‘osteoporosis of the soul’

If a person is unjustly slandered, said Francis, they can be ‘destroyed forever’