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Topic: Pope Francis

Pope Francis lies prostrate during Good Friday liturgy

The Pope was celebrating the Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion

Full text of Pope Francis’s address at the Colosseum

He says Christians must respond to evil with good

Pope Francis celebrates Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion

During the liturgy he lay prostrate before the altar of St Peter’s Basilica

Pope Francis washes feet of young prisoners

He urges prisoners to follow Jesus’s example

Pope washes young offenders’ feet at Holy Thursday Mass

He urges young prisoners in Rome to ‘help each other’

Pope recognises martyrs who died at the hands of communist and fascist regimes

The way has been prepared for the beatification of Italian, Romanian and Hungarian priests

Symbols adjusted on papal coat of arms

Changes made to spikenard flower and star to better reflect importance of Mary and St Joseph

Church must not be self-centred, Pope Francis told cardinals

In a pre-Conclave speech the future Pontiff urged colleagues to reject “theological narcissism”

Pope Francis: self-help courses can turn Catholics into Pelagians

In his Chrism Mass homily the Pope urged priests to go out where there is ‘suffering, blindness, and evil masters’

Archbishop asks flock to pray for priests, saying ‘we need it’

Archbishop Nichols says at Chrism Mass that priests fail in spectacular and hidden ways