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Is this a gulf of incomprehension that simply can’t be bridged?

The vigil before John Paul II’s beatification was an intoxicating experience for one new convert. I wish I could have gone

An adaptation, The Jeweller’s Shop, was performed by Ten Ten Theatre last Wednesday

John Paul II’s coffin is now in its final resting place in St Sebastian’s Chapel, inside St Peter’s Basilica. The transfer was made today after the Vatican held a private prayer service

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John Paul II is blessed!

Pope Benedict XVI has beatified the late Pope John Paul II in Rome today

John Paul II restored to Christianity its ‘true face as a religion of hope’, says Pope Benedict XVI at beatification of his great predecessor

Crowd of 200,000 in Rome hear testimonies from John Paul II’s close friends and from the Sister cured of Parkinson’s thanks to his intercession

Suffering purified John Paul II like ‘gold in fire’, says cardinal at prayer vigil

The full text of our interview with Archbishop Vincent Nichols ahead of the beatification of Pope John Paul II