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Topic: Richard Dawkins

How Dawkins got the wrong end of the stick about Aquinas

St Thomas Aquinas was not proving the existence of God as you would a piece of furniture. He was testing whether the concept of God made philosophical sense

Dawkins predicts religion’s early death: the Pope warns that ‘in vast areas of the world the faith is in danger of being snuffed out’. But they are saying very different things

The Holy Father is leading a renewal of the faith, not predicting its demise

Professor Dawkins thinks that Jesus today would have been an atheist. But would Dawkins have paid any attention to Him?

Atheists like Dawkins have strange ideas about what we believe

Beware the smuggling of atheism into science lessons

Of course schools should teach evolution – but they should not present it as a substitute for God

Did you know that it is the Times newspaper’s official view that a creator God doesn’t exist? Neither did I

To make matters worse, the paper is a starry-eyed Dawkins-supporting organ

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A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

For the sake of a quiet life, some priests will avoid tricky subjects in homilies

Even preaching about the necessity of confession caused me trouble

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Dawkins attacks Scottish Church over sacking of referee chief

Richard Dawkins calls Scottish Football Association ‘craven’ and Church spokesman ‘a weasel’ over dismissal of referees