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Middle East Christians in America and beyond appear to be behind the new president due to his pro-Russian, anti-Saudi leanings

The patriarch met the Queen and Archbishop of Canterbury during his time in London

if America had overthrown the Assad regime three years ago, there might have been a chance of ending the carnage

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow is among 300,000 signatories to a new pro-life petition

A dramatic narrative account of the Russian Revolution is appalling and riveting at the same time

More than 230,000 people are still displaced by conflict over control of South Ossetia

The visit shows improved ties between the Holy See and the two former Soviet republics

Ukraine’s Orthodox Church could split the two great Patriarchates of Moscow and Constantinople. Unless they turn to Rome

Almost Holy is a compelling documentary that explores the controversial work of Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko, but the return of David Brent is a dispiriting affair

The roll-call of heroes and saints shows just how much courage you needed to live out your faith