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St Lucy holds her eyes in this painting by early Renaissance artist Francesco del Cossa

St Lucy (December 13), a martyr of the Diocletian persecution, was one of the most well-known saints in early modern England

A stained-glass window featuring St Peter Claver

St Peter Claver (September 8) was known as ‘the key’ for his work unlocking the souls of slaves

East Anglia

St Felix (March 8) reaped a ‘rich harvest of believers’, according to Bede

St Margaret of Cortona hired a woman to lead her around Montepulciano 
with a rope around her neck, crying out: ‘Look at Margaret, the sinner’

St Margaret of Cortona (February 22) lived as a mistress to a nobleman for nine years

Forde Abbey, near Chard, in Somerset, where the Abbot John wrote a memoir of St Wulfric

St Wulfric’s (February 20) reputation for prophecy and miracles earned him visits from royalty

St Josephine was treated as a slave for years, but insisted: ‘My life is good’

St Josephine Bakhita (February 8) said if she met her torturers she would kiss their hands for helping her to find Christ

A statue of St Verdiana in a convent in Montaione, Italy

The hermit who lived with snakes

St Verdiana (February 1) gave away all her uncle’s beans to the poor

St Arnold Janssen refused ever to worry about money  (Photo: CNS)

St Arnold Janssen (January 15) has inspired thousands of missionaries

St Paula (January 5), a woman of high birth, indulged in every luxury until she became a widow at 32

St Charbel Makhlouf

St Charbel Makhlouf (December 24) lived a life of holiness in obscurity