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St Jose Sanchez del Rio was canonised with six other new saints on Sunday

Francis celebrated a canonisation Mass in St Peter’s Square on Sunday

Medical experts will no longer be paid in cash and a two-thirds majority will be required to approve miracles

Five people, including Blessed Elizabeth, will be declared saints on October 16

The consistory on June 20 is scheduled to approve the canonisations of four men and one woman, including Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity

The change reflects St Mary Magdalene’s status as the ‘apostle to the apostles’ and a witness to God’s mercy

Blessed Solomon was executed after the state suppressed the Catholic Church

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, who died in 1906, is likely to be declared a saint this year

Perhaps an unwillingness to consider such devotions highlights a lack of humility

King Henry VI may not be a canonised saint but the miracles attributed to his intercession are legion