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The Pope said that the Church needed courageous witnesses in world which was hostile to the Gospel

A letter signed by the Bishops of Scotland instructs Catholics to have ‘greater participation in the political process’

Pablo Larrain’s latest film about a group of disgraced priests refuses to offer easy answers

The Pontifical Scots College in Rome was inspired by the martyrdom of St John Ogilvie

Sir Jack Stewart-Clark will take a dramatisation of the last days of Christ to one of Italy’s biggest prisons

The holy warrior with a baton

Sir James MacMillan has this year attained sublime creative heights as well as taken on nationalist interests that want to marginalise Catholicism

LIFE has welcomed the devolution of abortion law

David Mundell, the Scottish Secretary, says he cannot see a ‘convincing reason’ against devolution

Old-style socialists like Jeremy Corbyn may be atheists but they are less likely than the liberal Left to be ideologically opposed to religion

When the Rugby World Cup kicks off in England today their devotion will be on full display