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During his electrifying pontificate Francis has shown what it means to be an evangeliser

As attendance at Mass and the confessional ‘soars’, his pastoral strategy is looking clearer; who knows? The ‘Francis effect’ may even prove durable

An immense debt is owed to the orders which have been the backbone of the Church’s mission for the last five hundred years

The white veils and white gloves on feast days are now a distant memory

Blessed John Paul II (October 22) played a decisive role at the Second Vatican Council

Archbishop Marini says he feels ‘desire to experience anew the spirit of the Second Vatican Council’

Of course clerical celibacy isn’t a dogma; and Archbishop Parolin thinks that the Church is collegial when the Pope listens first and then decides

Congregations are tired of being patronised by dull music, but we must not hark back to a supposed ‘golden age’

Bishop urges faithful not to accept negative media image of Muslims

General audience focuses on the Church as a living body