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Arkansas, Alabama, Kansas, Mississippi and Louisiana have also had similar efforts blocked

The Boy Scouts of America’s new policy is to accept members based on the gender they identity as

The judge rejected the regulation because plantiffs would be forced to violate their religious beliefs

The question of what becomes of tissue left over from abortions and miscarriages is the latest legal battle over abortion in Texas

New state regulations require the interment of the remains of all children who are lost through abortion or miscarriage at a healthcare facility

The Pope reaches out to America


The appointment of Bishop Farrell suggests the Pope wants the Church in the US to move away from confrontation and towards dialogue

A number of Republican-led states oppose new rules around transgender rights which could go against some doctors’ religious beliefs

The activists who filmed undercover videos of Planned Parenthood have had the case against them dismissed in court

Pharmacists in Washington have appealed against laws requiring them to dispense emergency contraception

The court struck down two provisions of a 2013 Texas law regulating abortion in the state