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Topic: The Tablet

Morning Catholic must-reads: 03/10/14

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Morning Catholic must-reads: 25/10/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Confession must once again be seen as the normal practice of a Catholic life

Confession may be in decline in many areas, but some parishes – usually seen as ‘traditional’ – are reversing the trend

It is surely premature to start talking about ‘conclave contenders’

Instead, let’s give thanks for Pope Benedict XVI’s wise leadership and continued good health

My new Sunday Missal is the Christmas present I will cherish most

Not everyone, though, is happy about the new text. For me it brings back a sense of the sacred

The Anglican woman vicar who gave up her ministry to become a Catholic

Una Kroll, ordained a priest in 1997, says ‘God gave me a direct push that I could not resist’

Cardinal Bertone may be right to block the head of Caritas: but the way he has done it is a massive own goal

The Roman Curia has to learn both to communicate and to behave with more sensitivity

You cannot be true to Church teachings and hope to be ‘respectable’

Cardinal Hume was wrong to seek respectability within the English Establishment

The Ordinariate will help reconnect the English Church to its medieval roots

The Catholic Church in England has lost a precious tradition: of ministering to everyone living within the parish boundary

What on earth has happened to Cardinal Schönborn?

The one-time defender of orthodoxy has been causing an awful lot of trouble