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The Holy See’s permanent observer to the United Nations described St Teresa as the human face of eternal hope

President Juan Manuel Santost has said that schools will not be introducing gender ideology following mass protests

The Vatican sponsored a panel discussion, Eliminating the Trafficking of Children and Youth, at the United Nations

The Pope’s permanent observer at the UN told the Security Council that the creation of two states would help bring peace to the region

The Pope has visited the World Food Programme in Rome for the first time

The Pontiff delivered a speech to the executive board of the United Nations World Food Programme in Rome

Archbishop Auza says terrorists must be prevented from recruiting young people online

Pilot scheme will feed 1,000 children at school on outskirts of Beirut

Francis met Lizzy Myers, who suffers from a genetic eye disorder, and her family in St Peter’s Square today

The Archbishop of Westminster will encourage a greater global response to modern slavery at a UN conference